Workplace Harassment

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He Workplace Harassment It is one of the biggest problems in many companies., where their employees feel completely vulnerable. Managing it correctly is one of the highest priorities that these companies should have. 

Keeping employees completely happy in their work areas will help us have better performance. A bad work environment will cause it It is that everything is challenged and it is a really toxic place to work properly. 

It is because of that Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the topic of Workplace Harassment in the right. So we recommend that you stay until the end of this article and verify if your workplace is also the most suitable or not. 

What is workplace harassment? 

 He Workplace Harassment It was the subject of a multidisciplinary study that included psychology, psychiatry, sociology and of course the Participation Law. The RAE Dictionary defines the verb to harass as an act of persecution, without giving an armistice or rest order to an animal or a person. 

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The addition of harassment by a qualified person has the effect that the harassment aims to cause the psychological and intimate collapse of the person. He Workplace Harassment can, therefore, be defined as psychological harassment at work, including any behavior of a boss or colleague. 

This is linked to the creation of a vacuum in group relations or to the deterioration of working conditions to the detriment of the professional and personal situation of the victim. In many cases it causes anxiety or depression in the victim and lasts for a long time. 

It is not considered a specific cause for breaking the employment relationship, but it may be a justifiable cause. Is derived from a direct act of the company, or is agreed upon and authorized by the respective people, when it emanates from other workers. 

 Sometimes it presents itself as a psychosocial risk related to work, in these cases, the employer will be required to provide effective protection. It can lead to an increase in social security benefits due to the absence of security measures and occupational health. 

 What are the characteristics of workplace harassment? 

 Harassment at work is characterized by: 

  • Intentional and systematic resumption of pressure: by superiors or colleagues, vertical and horizontal harassment perceived as well as recognized by employees that harassment causes real psychological harm. This makes them unable to live normally in their own professional environment. 

 Sometimes bullying is associated with a management style that finds the key to business success to be submission on the part of the boss or leader of the organization. Harassment, persecution or violence, which can manifest itself in behaviors such as: limit the victim's ability to communicate with peers. 

Constantly question your decisions at work; hold him responsible in his private life for failures at work; create rumors about the victims and spread them through work.

  • Degree of psychological violence used. 
  • Persistence of these behaviors over time. 
  • That the intention is to physically or morally injure the referred worker in his or her work environment. 
  • That the affected worker suffers from mental disorders. 

 How is the existence of workplace harassment proven? 

 To demonstrate the existence of ethical harassment in the workplace, the conduct must be objectively humiliating or result in the humiliation of the victim. These behaviors are recognizable and there is a link between such behaviors and the mental state of the victim. 

 It should be noted that they may not conclusively prove the existence of workplace harassment,  medical reports that overestimate images of depression and anxiety of workers. This is because this may be due to the particularly pronounced sensitivity of a worker whose environment, considered objectively, is not really hostile. 

Preferably a report from a mental health center to verify if the worker has a link between his depression and your work environment in which the treatment has been established. With this you will be able to know the basic characteristics that you should know about the Workplace Harassment.