sexual harassment

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He sexual harassment At present it is one of the main ills suffered by many people who feel that their rights are vulnerable. These practices come to attack their right to maintain a peaceful life or even to be in a good work environment. 

It seems that this is a subject that is not going to be completely eradicated yet, but the best thing is that you get the well-being you want. It is because of this that here We are going to explain everything related to sexual harassment, so stay until the end.

What exactly is sexual harassment?

Crime that includes trying to interfere with the sexual freedom of others, requesting sexual assistance for oneself. Or for a third party in the field of labor relations, teaching or the provision of services, continuously or habitually qualified when prevailing in an occupation, teaching or position of similar superiority. 

This to communicate any harm on legitimate expectations that the victim may be in a relationship, or the victim is particularly vulnerable, because of your age, illness or circumstances. 

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 Scope of sexual harassment 

Sexual harassment constitutes a wide range of attacks, which can range from embarrassment to severe abuse, and  they are intended to try to trigger sexual activity. It often takes place in the workplace, where mutual trust is initially recognized as the contractual basis of a subordinate employment relationship. 

Or in other contexts where the will to refuse can be denied, conditioned by the possibility of a reprimand. 

Sexual harassment can be defined as any “inappropriate sexual interest or behavior” in the workplace that makes the workplace intimidating or hostile. It is also considered an illegal form of discrimination and a form of sexual abuse and psychological, ranging from mild to severe abuse. 

There are even psychologists as well as social workers who believe that sexual harassment is one of the most severe. negative reactions and retaliation when complaint sexual harassment can exacerbate the impact. 

For example, in 1995, Judith Coflin committed suicide after being sexually harassed by her boss and associates (his family later received $ 6 million in damages). The definition will be able to include a large number of behaviors and that will be defined with what each individual understands as sexual harassment harassment.

 Harassment is typical of "unwanted physical contact" among colleagues, in various environments such as work. But it also includes obscene comments, discussions and discussions about gender domination, sexual jokes, sexual favors to get another job, etc.

Harassment outside of the workplace is also considered another form of sexual harassment. 

 The situation is further complicated by the fact that a person's career You can easily go bankrupt when you are sexually harassed or accused of harassing. Employers must carefully protect the interests of the complainant and the respondent, as both may be in vulnerable positions and good and bad can have a negative impact. 

Those who have been accused must ensure that their rights are fully protected and that the charges are not automatically accepted as evidence. They should also be warned not to take matters into their own hands if they believe they have been falsely accused.

That no retaliation will be taken seriously, regardless of the merits of the initial accusations. A sexual harassment prevention strategy is the implementation of sexual assault prevention programs to raise awareness among those around you.

This is to encourage the intervention of young people when they witness this type of incident or notice signs of some type of aggression. It was suggested to consider the impact of these programs, the behavior of passers-by, their intervention when witnessing them, among other factors. 

 One review concluded that bystander outreach programs had a positive effect on their intervention, although there is no evidence to suggest an effect on the incidence of sexual assault. Without embargo, important questions remain unanswered, which require further exploration and in contexts outside the United States to better understand the role of viewer programming around the world.