sexual abuse

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He sexual abuse It is one of the most commonly committed crimes and that threatens not only the physical well-being of a person but also the mental one. There are differences between each case of sexual abuse, but the only common thing is that Victims feel unprotected and vulnerable for a long time. 

That is why here we are going to tell you a little more about the sexual abuse and everything related to it in law. Without a doubt something quite important so that all people have knowledge about this type of crimes and if they are victims of it. 

What exactly is sexual abuse?

He sexual abuse It comes to be known as a type of term used to refer to an act where people's sexual freedom is violated.. In a general sense, "sexual abuse" includes everyday abusive language with sexual content and other forms of offensive treatment and harassment, which in many cases is not a crime. 

But it can be considered a work or cohabitation crime, even in the most serious cases classified as sexual crimes. It refers to the gender violence, the domestic violence and child abuse. 

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A specific form of sexual abuse is sexual abuse infantile, which is psychologically characterized due to the fact that children are very vulnerable and difficult to communicate. 

 Currently, there is a tendency to abandon traditional classifications and names of sex offenders (rape, corruption of minors). This due to their ethical concerns, to use a new classification scheme, with new names. 

Like »sexual abuse»,» sexual assault» or other equivalents, marked with variables may be important depending on the country. 

 What is non-consensual criminal sexual abuse? 

According to this precept, it is considered sexual abuse non-consensual abuse against emotionally deprived or mentally disturbed people, as well as acts that violate the will of the victim with drugs, narcotics or any other substance. Without embargo, if consent was obtained in error due to pre-pricing (i.e., taking advantage of a situation or position of superiority over the victim), it will be null and void. 

 What is the exact difference between sexual abuse and assault? 

Although they are also part of crimes that are going to meet the provisions of sexual freedom, sexual abuse as well as sexual assault They are two different crimes. These two crimes will always go against the physical integrity of people as well as their will. 

However, sexual assaults take place carried out with violence accompanied by threats. In other words, Sexual assault is a more serious crime than sexual abuse. 

 Therapeutic interventions for victims of sexual abuse 

 Many well-known actors specialized in this topic, They agree that victims of abuse need to have support in different disciplines. The presence of a multi-specialized team is essential for these people when they are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

This, since they require facing addiction treatments in greater quantities. PTSD can be complex and have a serious impact on people's mental health. 

Therefore, techniques such as relaxation are incorporated to reduce psychophysiological stress, psychodynamic therapy, among others, or use psychotropic drugs among the many recommended techniques. 

 Psychoanalysis, although contraindicated for people diagnosed with PTSD, can be very beneficial in treating victims. Psychodynamic therapies (Valker & Nash, 1981) have been validated to treat victimization, with the goal of healing the therapeutic relationship with the affected person. 

During the different stages of psychotherapy, emphasis should be placed in seeking relief from the symptoms and pain or suffering that occurs in the victim. This therapeutic approach can be effective for people with PTSD as long as the therapist Consider the following in the process: the strength of the therapeutic relationship and the dose of interpretation. 

 In the case of group therapy, with victims not traumatized by sexual abuse, It is beneficial to identify and overcome issues of isolation and stigma. It can be done by creating an adequate space in order to recover the person who was affected by the abuse or aggression.