minor crimes

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Misdemeanors or also known as minor crimes, are generally punished with less severe penalties than are felonies. Without embargo, theoretically more than all administrative offenses and regulatory offenses.

The minor crimes are penalized in the Penal Code of Spain, to guarantee the protection of all the citizens of the aforementioned country. 

In this article we will leave you all the information you need to know about the minor crimes, so that you do not commit any and can claim your rights. 

What is a misdemeanor or light crime? 

A misdemeanor it is an offense punishable by law with a light penalty and includes illegal behavior that does not amount to the seriousness of the offence. 

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These crimes are usually punished with a fine. with relatively little cost, an infraction or with a few months in jail. Since, the consequences of it, do not represent something too serious. 

This is a new name given to the offenses after the Criminal Code amendments and supplements of 2015.

However, not all crimes become misdemeanors. Some have been nominally abolished and are now subject to administrative sanctions. 

3. Mitigating offenses punishable by law are misdemeanors.

That is Article 13.3 of the Penal Code

Crime characteristics

Misdemeanors partially retain the typical stereotyped characteristics of their crimes. However, some have certain differences. 

The main characteristics of petty crimes are the following:

Crimes Juveniles include prior convictions up to six months after the end of the sentence. 

On the contrary, crimes have no history. The prosecution of a misdemeanor requires a complaint from the victim or his legal representative. 

Some misdemeanors have higher penalties than the corresponding felonies. 

Misdemeanors are not punishable by imprisonment, except in certain cases. Although felonies are assigned after six months, misdemeanors fall within a year. 

The procedure for a misdemeanor trial is similar to the procedure for a misdemeanor trial. The competent authority is the expert judge, except in cases related to violence against women.

Misdemeanors or slight

Article 33.4 of the Penal Code stipulates the type of punishment that can be imposed for misdemeanors. The light sanctions are the following:

Denial of the right to drive a motor vehicle. Confiscation of firearms, Not specifically qualified to practice a profession, trade or trade in animals and animal husbandry. 

Denial of the right to reside or visit certain places, it is forbidden to approach or communicate with the victims or their loved ones. Fines of up to three months resident site and work for the benefit of society.

4. They are reduced penalties:

a) Ban on driving a motorcycle or moped for a period between three months and one year.

b) Deprivation of the right to possess or bear arms from three months to one year.

c) Do not enjoy the special capacity to engage in the trade of animals and keep them in captivity from three months to one year.

d) Deprivation of residence or visit to certain places for a period of less than six months. 

e) Prohibition to approach the victim, their relatives or other persons determined by the judge or court for a period ranging from one month to less than six months.

f) Prevent contact with the victim, their relatives or other persons, as decided by the judge or court, for a period ranging from one month to less than six months.

g) A fine of up to three months.

h) The place of permanent residence for one to three months.

i) Work for the benefit of the company from one to thirty days. 

This is exposed in Article 33.4 of the Penal Code

Examples of minor or minor infractions

There are a number of crimes that can considered minors under the Penal Code Amendment.

Among these crimes are theft, the embezzlement, the violation or neglect of animals, as well as the omission of the duty of support, less serious damages due to wandering, the fraud or serious bodily harm, among other crimes.