Criminal Procedure Law


The Criminal Procedure Law (LECrim) constitutes a set of legal norms that regulate judicial proceedings relating to any criminal process. 

The Criminal Procedure Law regulates judicial proceedings related to any criminal process.

It was promulgated by theRoyal Decree of September 14, 1882 approving the Criminal Procedure Law.» The last update is valid since 2015.

Structure of the Criminal Procedure Law in Spain

The current Spanish Criminal Procedure Law It has a total of seven books:

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  • book I. General disposition.
  • book II. Of the summary.
  • Book III. Of the oral trial.
  • Book IV. Of special procedures.
  • book v Of the resources of appeal, cassation and review.
  • Book VI. Of the procedure for the trial on minor crimes.
  • Book VII. Of the execution of sentences.

Each of these books includes a series of titles and chapters through which the 999 articles that make up this law. In addition, it includes at the end the "Additional provisions" and the "Final provisions".

Articles explained