Article 797 bis of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

1. In the event that the competition corresponds to the Court of Violence against Women, the procedures and resolutions indicated in the previous articles must be carried out and adopted during the hearing hours.

2. The Judicial Police must make the summons referred to in the article 796, before the Violence Against Women Court, on the closest business day, among those established by regulation.

However, the detainee, if any, must be placed at the disposal of the trial court of Guard, for the sole purpose of regularizing their personal situation, when presentation to the competent Violence Against Women Court is not possible.

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3. To carry out the aforementioned summons, the Judicial Police will set the day and time of the appearance in coordination with the Violence Against Women Court. For these purposes, the General Council of the Judiciary, in accordance with the provisions of Article 110 of the Organic Law of the Judiciary, will dictate the appropriate Regulations to ensure this coordination.

art 797 bis lecrim

Article 797 bis of the Criminal Procedure Law is part of the title dedicated to procedure for expedited prosecution of certain crimes: