Article 775 of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

1. In the first appearance, the Judge will inform the person investigated, in the most understandable way, of the facts that are charged to him. Previously, the Court Clerk will inform you of your rights, particularly those listed in section 1 of article 118, and will require you to designate an address in Spain where notifications will be made, or a person who will receive them at your name, with the warning that the summons made at said address or to the designated person will allow the trial to be held in his absence in the cases provided for in article 786.

Both before and after making a statement, you will be allowed to have a private interview with your lawyer, without damage of what is established in letter c) of article 527.

2. When the result of the proceedings produces any relevant change in the object of the investigation and the facts charged, the Judge will promptly inform the person under investigation.

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This information may be provided by means of a succinct statement that is sufficient to allow the exercise of the right to defense, communicated in writing to the defendant's defense attorney.

art 775 lecrim