Article 588 septies a of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

Article 588 septies a. Budgets.

1. The competent judge may authorize the use of identification data and codes, as well as the installation of software, that allows, remotely and telematically, the remote examination and without knowledge of the owner or user of the content of a computer. , electronic device, computer system, massive computer data storage instrument or database, provided that it pursues the investigation of any of the following crimes:

a) Crimes committed within criminal organizations.

b) Terrorist crimes.

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c) Crimes committed against minors or people with judicially modified capacity.

d) Crimes against the Constitution, treason and related to national defense.

e) Crimes committed through computer instruments or any other information or telecommunications technology or communication service.

2. The judicial resolution authorizing the registration must specify:

a) Computers, electronic devices, computer systems or part thereof, computer media for data storage or databases, data or other digital content that is the subject of the measure.

b) The scope of the same, the way in which the data or computer files relevant to the case will be accessed and seized and the software through which the control of the information will be carried out.

c) The authorized agents for the execution of the measure.

d) Authorization, if applicable, to make and preserve copies of computer data.

e) The precise measures for the preservation of the integrity of the stored data, as well as for the inaccessibility or deletion of said data from the computer system to which access has been had.

3. When the agents carrying out the remote registration have reason to believe that the data sought is stored in another computer system or in a part thereof, they will inform the judge of this fact, who may authorize an extension of the terms of the search. record.

art 588 septies a lecrim

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