Article 588 octies of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

Article 588 g. Data retention order.

The Public Prosecutor's Office or the Judicial Police may require any Physical person or legal, the conservation and protection of specific data or information included in a computer storage system that is at your disposal until the corresponding judicial authorization is obtained for its transfer in accordance with the provisions of the preceding articles.

The data will be kept for a maximum period of ninety days, extendable only once until the transfer is authorized or one hundred and eighty days have elapsed.

The requested person will be obliged to provide his or her collaboration and keep secret the development of this procedure, being subject to the responsibility described in section 3 of the article 588 ter e.

art 588 octies lecrim 

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  • Criminal Procedure Law
    • Book II. Of the summary
      • Title VIII. Of the investigative measures limiting the rights recognized in the article 18 of the Constitution
        • Chapter X: Assurance measures
          • Article 588 g. Data retention order.

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