Article 306 of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

In accordance with the provisions of the previous chapter, the investigating Judges will prepare the summaries of public crimes under the direct inspection of the Prosecutor of the competent Court.

The inspection will be carried out, either by the Prosecutor acting alone or through his assistants alongside the investigating judge, or by means of sufficiently expressive testimonies, which the investigating judge will send to him periodically and as many times as requested, and may In this case, the Prosecutor present his observations in careful communication and formulate his claims by equally attentive requirements. It may also delegate its functions to the municipal Prosecutors.

As soon as the initiation of proceedings is ordered for cases before the Jury Court, will be made known to the Public Prosecutor who will appear and intervene in any proceedings carried out before him.

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When the necessary technical means exist in the judicial bodies, the prosecutor may intervene in the proceedings of any criminal procedure, including the appearance of the article 505, by means of videoconference or another similar system that allows two-way and simultaneous communication of image and sound.

art 306 lecrim

This article refers to the formation of summary of the crimes public by the Investigating Judges.