Article 277 of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

The complaint will always be presented through Attorney with sufficient power and signed by a lawyer.

It will be spread out on official paper, and it will state:

1. The Judge or Court before whom it is presented.

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2. The name, surname and neighborhood of the complainant.

3. The name, surname and neighborhood of the defendant.

In the event that these circumstances are ignored, the designation of the defendant must be made using the address that best makes him or her known.

4. The detailed report of the event, stating the place, year, month, day and time in which it was carried out, if known.

5. Expression of the procedures that must be carried out to verify the fact.

6. The request that the complaint be admitted, that the procedures indicated in the previous number be carried out, that the alleged guilty party be arrested and imprisoned or that bail for provisional release be required, and that the embargo of their assets in the necessary amount in cases where this is appropriate.

7. The signature of the complainant or that of another person at his request if he does not know how or cannot sign when the Attorney General does not have special power to formulate the complaint.

art 277 lecrim

Article 277 of the Criminal Procedure Law Spanish refers to the form of presentation of a complaint.