Article 262 of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

Those who, due to their positions, professions or trades, become aware of any public crime, will be obliged to immediately report it to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the competent Court, the Investigating Judge and, failing that, to the nearest municipal or police officer. to the site if it is a flagrant crime.

Those who do not comply with this obligation will incur the fine indicated in article 259, which will be imposed disciplinaryly.

If the omission to report is by a Professor in Medicine, Surgery or Pharmacy and is related to the exercise of their professional activities, the fine may not be less than 125 pesetas nor more than 250.

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If the person who committed the omission is a public employee, his or her immediate superior will also be informed for the purposes that may apply in the administrative order.

The provisions of this article are understood when the omission does not produce liability in accordance with the Laws.

art 262 lecrim

Article 262 establishes the obligation to denounce the facts of instrumental companies that may be constitutive of crime.