Article 15 of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

When the place where a misdemeanor or crime was committed does not appear, the Judges and Courts will be competent where appropriate to hear the case or trial:

1. That of the municipal area, district or district in which material evidence of the crime has been discovered.

2. That of the municipal term, party or district in which the alleged convict has been apprehended.

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3.º That of the residence of the alleged inmate.

4. Anyone who had knowledge of the crime.

If competition arises between these Judges or Courts, it will be decided giving preference to the order in which they are expressed in the preceding numbers.

As soon as the place where the crime was committed is established, the Judge or Court hearing the case will order the inhibition in favor of the competent person, placing the detainees at his disposal and agreeing to send, in the same resolution, the proceedings and effects occupied.

art 15 lecrim