Article 121 of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

All those who are parties to a case, if the right to free legal assistance has not been recognized, will have the obligation to pay the rights of the attorneys who represent them, the fees of the lawyers who defend them, those of the experts who inform at their request and the compensation of the witnesses they present, when the experts and witnesses, when testifying, have formulated their claim and the Judge or Court upholds it.

Neither during the case nor after it has ended will they have the obligation to pay the other procedural costs, unless they are sentenced to do so.

Those who have the right to free legal assistance recognized may use a lawyer and attorney of your choice; but in this case they will be obliged to pay their fees and rights, as provided for those who do not have said right, unless the freely elected professionals renounce the receipt of fees or rights in the terms provided for in article 27 of the Free Legal Aid Law.

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art 121 lecrim