Article 12 of the Criminal Procedure Law

  Criminal Procedure Law

Without embargo of the provisions of art. previous, the jurisdiction Ordinary will always be competent to prevent causes for crimes committed by the appraisers.

This competence will be limited to instructing the first proceedings, after which the ordinary jurisdiction will refer the proceedings to the Judge or Court that must hear the case in accordance with the Laws, and will make the detainees and the seized effects available to them.

Ordinary jurisdiction will cease in the first proceedings as soon as it is established that the competent special jurisdiction instructs a case on the same crime.

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The inhibition orders of this class pronounced by the investigating Judges of the ordinary jurisdiction are appealable before the respective Court.

While the appeal is being processed and decided, the provisions of article 22, second paragraph, will be complied with, for which purpose and for the substantiation of the appeal, the corresponding testimony will be sent.

art 12 law