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 Homicide is the death of a person through another person.  In terms of punishment, taking the life of a man or a woman by will and malice has no excuse or legitimacy and does not constitute murder

 In the past, murder was a tribute imposed on those who refused to hand over a criminal who in his jurisdiction committed a death by judicial error. It is because of this that here we will tell you everything you need to know about the homicide. 

So it remains until the end and You will not regret knowing everything about this subject, which will undoubtedly be useful to you. Remember that this topic will undoubtedly be of great help if you are thinking of starting a career in law. 

How is homicide classified in criminal law?

 Homicide can be classified into two categories:

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  • Intentional is an act committed with full knowledge of the facts and with intent, whether simple or qualified. It will be based on whether or not the circumstances worsen.
  • Involuntary manslaughter can be caused when it occurs by intervening or acting recklessly. The bluff when the murder was accidental.

 It is very important to specify specific standards and that we distinguish the following species:

  • Parricide is a very serious crime that is the death of the father or of any descendant or of which spouse.
  • Matricide is the death that is given to the mother.
  • Murderer death inflicted on a son.
  • Uxoricide is the taking of one's own wife (wife concubine sexual partner).
  • Fratricide is the death inflicted on the brother.
  • Infanticide is the death of an infant, the abortion of the person being conceived.
  • Murder death by circumstances worthy of special moral exclusion.
  • Suicide is the death dedicated to a king.
  • Neoclassical assassination is the criminal death of heads of state who are not kings.
  • Tyrannicide is the release of death for a tyrant that is legitimate.
  • God Slayer refers to the death of Jesus Christ as a human although God is also particularly tangible in the delivery of Jesus.
  • Murders in a tumultuous battle due to the difficulty of identifying the culprits.

 Other information about homicide in criminal law

 In this sense we can demonstrate that it is one of the oldest acts of punishment since it goes back to the existence of the first men. Homicide means the death of a person.

  The word murder comes from the Latin accent homo hominis and a variant of vero caedere (to kill). The word murder is used in all laws is generic, since it refers to the fact of the death of a human being.

 Can attempted murder be punished?

 Homicide can also be committed to the degree of consummation and non-completion. Without embargo, this offense remains controversial, as in practice it can be difficult to distinguish between attempted murder and injury. 

The distinction is with the intent of the perpetrator (to kill or injure), for this the jurisprudence is based on the following criteria:

  • Progress of the matter.
  • Opportunity chosen to commit a crime.
  • Vehicle weapon or tool used.
  • Wound or area of the body attacked.
  • If there is repetition of blows or emphasis in the attack.
  • State of the victim at the end of the attack.

 Is murder the same as manslaughter?

 Murder and manslaughter are crimes against human life What happens when one person kills another. However, these are two different crimes, since homicide leads to a greater degree of crime to the extent that it occurs with treason, cruelty or for a price, reward or promise.

as you should also know murder is the way in which you manage to kill perhaps an unknown person. Knowing these differences will give you the full opportunity to get much further in everything that entails the knowledge of law. 

If you are new to this topic, this It is one of the terms that you must know so that you can continue with all the path that you need. With this, without a doubt, you will be able to exercise in the best possible way.