Criminal record

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The criminal record  They are requested when you are going to carry out some important procedures. Since, these show whether or not a person has committed a crime. 

These are the official proof that a person has been convicted of committing a crime with a final sentence.  

If you want to know more about the criminal record  I invite you to review this page until the end so as not to miss any detail.

What are criminal records?

The criminal record  are made up of all data and records of final judgments and guilt held by an individual who has reached the age of majority and has committed a crime. 

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Therefore, data on criminal convictions must be officially registered in the Central Registry of Penalties. All the information must be collected in a single document, which is the Certificate of Criminal record.  

The criminal recordThey are not for life, they have a certain validity period.

If this period of time elapses and the requirements after serving the sentence are met, they will disappear. 

That is, they are canceled and the sentences that have been canceled will not appear in the certificate of the  criminal record. The deadlines for canceling the record will depend on the type of sentence and the seriousness of the crime.  

You cannot confuse the police records with penalties. The police records are those that consist in the fact that the police can collect the personal data of individuals who are being investigated for the presumption of a crime. 

The legal rules of the criminal record  of a specific country and that were carried out at a specific time, they are governed by the Constitution of the State, where all the crimes have been committed.

When can a Criminal Record Certificate be issued?

The certificate of the criminal record  they are issued at the instant it must be requested. Without embargoIf this does not happen, the indications provided by the Ministry of Justice must be taken into account, among these 

As proof of the request, you can download a document that has the payment receipts and the registration of the request, which bears the electronic signature of the Ministry of Justice.

 You cannot forget that you must save or print the receipt. In the same way, an application number must be included, which you will need to be able to download the certificate in electronic format, when it is available.

The certificate will only be available as a general rule the day after you have requested your request. Likewise, it is necessary to anticipate that it is not a period greater than 3 business days

The term that the Administration is 10 business dayss of course after receipt of the request. In the request form, you must indicate your email address and you will receive a notice when the certificate is available. 

How can I check the content of the Criminal Record Certificate?

Can consult the certificate electronically, you just have to enter the application number that appears on the certificate application receipt.

How can I check my Criminal Record Certificate?

Those who decided to receive their Certificate of Criminal record  electronically they will be in charge of being able to verify the validity of it.

 For this, they have to use the Secure Verification Code, which is included in the certificate of the criminal record.

Who can request the criminal record certificate?

Anyone who is interested in being able to obtain their Certificate of Criminal record, you will be able to make a request either in person, by email and online.

The certificate of criminal record  can be requested by all Physical person who has reached the age of majority, like any legal personthrough legal representatives. 

It should be noted that when a certificate of criminal record  of the citizens of the member countries of the European Union who have a nationality other than Spanish.

 Information will be requested from your country of origin about your criminal record  while you were living in this place and this will be attached to the certificate.