Crime against humanity

  crimes, Criminal law

Crimes against humanity are defined in the criminal law such as criminal damage (death, rape, disappearance, deportation, illegal arrest, slavery or sexual exploitation, among others) of civilians or part of them. 

The victim belongs to a group or group persecuted for unacceptable reasons (political, racial, national, ethnic or cultural, religious, gender, disability or other matters considered inadmissible according to the international right).

¿What is the motive that encourages someone to attract this crime? 

The crime of human crimes will be committed to the result of the following events, according to article 607 of the penal Code:

1. The victim's facilities belong to a group or collective are persecuted on political, racial, country, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, disadvantage or other grounds unacceptable under international law.

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2. As part of a program institutionalizes oppression and dominates the system of one race group in one or more race groups and in order to maintain this program.

Do the events translate to a human crime?

 The acts that lead to the presence of a human crime are those specified in the article 7 of the Rome Charter of the International Criminal Court:

For the purposes of this Law, "Human crime" means one of the following acts when carried out as part of a general or systematic attack on a civilian and with knowledge of the attack said:

He murder, destruction, slavery, export or forced transfer of the population, Determination or lack of freedom of serious physical violations of the basic norms of international law and torture.

Rape, sex slaves, forced prostitution, forced pregnancy, forced disinfection or any other form of sexual violence by comparison of severity.

Being suppressed a group or community with its own identity based on politics, race, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, identified by gender or similar reasons, another receipt under international law, within the framework. 

As for the required disappearance of people, the Crime of apartheid and other inhuman behaviors of a similar nature.

 That deliberately caused great suffering or serious strain against physical integrity or mental health.

What are the penalties caused by the crime of humanity? 

There are a variety of sanctions that can occur for soliciting a human criminal. The crime of men's crimes will be punished 

1. with prison sentences can change if they cause the death of a person. 

2. With prison sentences of 12 to 15 years if they rape, and four to six years in prison, if it really consists of other sexual attacks.  

3. For prison sentences of eight to 12 years if one or more persons are expelled or transferred by force, no reason authorized by international law, to another state or in other places, due to expulsion or other behavior coercive. 

 4. With a prison sentence for six to eight years if he is forced to impregnate some women who intend to change the ethnicity of the population, without damage of the corresponding penalty, if applicable, for other criminals.  

5. With a sentence of second to five prison terms, the mandatory disappearance of all. Arrest, detention or removal or other release forms are the agents' job.

6. With the sentence of imprisonment of eight to 12 years if another is detained, deprived of his freedom, in violation of international arrest standards.  

7. with a penalty of four to eight years in prison if they carry out serious torture for those who are detained or dominated, and a prison of two to six years if it is less serious.

For the purposes of this article, the person's presentation is subject to physical or spiritual suffering.  

The fine provided in this regard will be applied without prejudice to the corresponding sanctions, when the attacks are appropriate, for attacks on the victim's other rights.