Article 82 of the Military Penal Code

  Military Penal Code

1. The soldier who commits the crimes of theft, heist, misappropriation or damage foreseen in the Penal Code in relation to the regulatory equipment, materials or effects that he has under his custody or responsibility due to his position or destination, he will be punished with the penalties established in the Penal Code for such crimes imposed in its upper half.

2. If the soldier does not have the equipment, material or effects, assigned to the service of the Armed Forces or the Civil Guard, under his custody or responsibility, the minimum limit of the penalties provided for in the Penal Code will be increased by one fifth.

3. If it involves war material or weapons, regardless of its value and the author, even when he or she does not have military status, the penalty increased by one fifth of its maximum limit will be imposed.

4. Article 21 of this Code will apply, where appropriate.

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art 82 cpm

Article 82 of Military Penal Code Spanish refers to certain crimes against property in the military field such as theft, robbery, misappropriation or the crime of damage.

Article 82 of Military Penal Code It is found within Title V of the Second Book. This refers to crimes against property in the military sphere.