Article 78 of the Military Penal Code

  Military Penal Code

The soldier who, due to serious imprudence, will be punished with a penalty of three months and one day to six months in prison or a fine of two to six months:

1. Lose weapons or war material, procedures or official documentation that he had in his custody due to his position or destination.

2. Give rise to the escape of prisoners of war, prisoners or detainees, whose conduct or custody is entrusted to them.

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art 78 cpm

Article 78 of the Military Penal Code Spanish punishes soldiers who lose weapons or official documents, or lead to the escape of prisoners or detainees in their custody.

Article 78 of the Penal Code Military is found within Title IV of the Second Book. More specifically in Chapter VII, where reference is made to crimes against the effectiveness of the service.