Article 6 of the Military Penal Code

  Military Penal Code

1. Acts of service, for the purposes of this Code, are all those that are related to the functions that correspond to each soldier in the fulfillment of their specific tasks.

2. For the purposes of this Code, acts of weapons service are all those that require for their execution the use, handling or employment of weapons, whatever their nature, in accordance with the applicable general provisions or the particular orders duly issued to the respect, as well as the preparatory acts thereof, whether individual or collective, from its initiation with the call to provide it until its total completion, and any acts prior or subsequent to the service of arms itself that are related to it or affect its execution. .

Likewise, acts directly related to the navigation of warships or Civil Guard ships, or the flight of military aircraft, will have this consideration. They will also have transmission, communications or computer services, detection and analysis of radioelectric or cyberspace, images or data and any other surveillance and control services of the spaces in which military operations are carried out.

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art 6 cpm

Article 6 of Military Penal Code Spanish establishes certain definitions related to acts of service and acts of service of weapons.

Article 6 of Penal Code Military is found within Title I of the First Book. It refers to the scope of application of the Military Penal Code and definitions.