Article 43 of the Military Penal Code

  Military Penal Code

The soldier who, without incurring in the crimes provided for in the previous article, coerces, threatens, slanders or seriously insults a superior, in his presence or before a concurrence of people, in writing or with publicity, will be punished with the penalty of six months to three years in prison. When these circumstances do not concur, the penalty will be imposed in its lower half.

art 43 cpm

Article 43 of the Penal Code The Spanish military establishes the penalties for the military that carries out coercion, threats, slander or insults to a superior as a crime of insubordination.

  • Military Penal Code
    • BOOK TWO: Crimes and their penalties
      • Title II: Offenses against discipline
        • Chapter II: Insubordination
          • Section I: Insult to superior

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