Article 97 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

During the execution of the sentence, the sentencing Judge or Court will adopt, by the procedure established in the following article, one of the following decisions:

a) Maintain the execution of the imposed security measure.

b) Decree the cessation of any security measures imposed as soon as the subject's criminal danger disappears.

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c) Replace a security measure with another that it deems more appropriate, among those provided for the case in question. In the event that the substitution is agreed upon and the subject evolves unfavorably, the substitution will be voided, and the replaced measure will be reapplied.

d) Suspend the execution of the measure in response to the result already obtained with its application, for a period not exceeding the remainder up to the maximum indicated in the ruling that imposed it. The suspension will be conditional on the subject not committing a crime during the established period, and may be voided if any of the circumstances provided for in article 95 of this Code are proven again.

art 97 cp

Article 97 of Penal Code Spanish refers to the decisions of the Judge during the execution of the sentence in relation to the security measures.