Article 612 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

He will be punished with a prison sentence of three to seven years, without damage of the penalty that corresponds to the results produced, the one who, on the occasion of an armed conflict:

1. Knowingly violates the protection due to hospitals, facilities, material, units and means of medical transport, prison camps, health and security zones and localities, neutralized zones, places of internment of the civilian population, undefended localities and demilitarized zones, made known by appropriate distinctive signs or signals.

2. Exercise violence against health or religious personnel or members of the medical mission, or aid societies, or against personnel authorized to use the distinctive signs or signals of the Geneva Conventions, in accordance with international law.

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3. Seriously insults, deprives or fails to provide essential food or necessary medical assistance to any protected person or makes them subject to humiliating or degrading treatment, fails to inform them, without justified delay and in an understandable manner, of their situation, imposes collective punishments by individual acts or violates the provisions on the accommodation of women and families or on special protection of women and children established in international treaties to which Spain is a party and, in particular, recruits or enlists minors under eighteen years of age or uses them for participate directly in hostilities.

4. Improperly use the protective or distinctive signs, emblems or signals established and recognized in the international treaties to which Spain is a party, especially the distinctive signs of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the Red Crystal.

5. Improperly or perfidiously uses the flag, uniform, insignia or distinctive emblem of neutral States, the United Nations or other States that are not parties to the conflict or of adverse Parties, during attacks or to cover, favor, protect or hinder military operations, except in the excepted cases expressly provided for in the international treaties to which Spain is a party.

6. Improperly or perfidiously use the flag of parliament or surrender, violate the inviolability or improperly detain a parliamentarian or any of the persons accompanying him, personnel of the Protecting Power or his substitute, or a member of the International Commission of Survey.

7. Stripping of its effects from a corpse, wounded, sick, shipwrecked, prisoner of war or interned civilian.

8. Intentionally starve the civilian population as a method of war, depriving it of the goods essential for its survival, including arbitrarily impeding relief supplies, carried out in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols.

9. Violates suspension of arms, armistice, capitulation or other agreement concluded with the adverse party.

10. Intentionally direct attacks against any member of United Nations personnel, associated personnel or participants in a peace or humanitarian assistance mission, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, provided that they are entitled to the protection granted to persons or civilian objects, in accordance with the international law of armed conflict, or threatens them with such an attack to force a natural or legal person to carry out or refrain from carrying out any act.

art 612 cp