Article 583 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

Will be punished with a prison sentence of twelve to twenty years:

1. The Spaniard who takes up arms against the Homeland under enemy flags.

The penalty will be imposed higher in degree than the one who acts as a boss or promoter, or has any command, or is constituted in authority.

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2. The Spaniard who supplies enemy troops with funds, weapons, boats, aircraft, supplies or munitions of quartermaster or weapons or other direct and effective means to harass Spain, or favors the progress of enemy weapons in a way not understood in the previous article.

3. The Spaniard who supplies the enemy with plans of fortresses, buildings or land, documents or news that directly lead to the same goal of harassing Spain or favoring the progress of enemy weapons.

4. The Spaniard who, in time of war, prevents the national troops from receiving the aid expressed in number 2 or the data and news indicated in number 3 of this article.

art 583 cp