Article 574 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. The deposit of weapons or ammunition, the possession or deposit of explosive, flammable, incendiary or suffocating substances or devices, or their components, as well as their manufacture, traffic, transport or supply in any way, and the mere placement or use of such substances or of the appropriate means or devices, will be punished with imprisonment from eight to fifteen years when the acts are committed with any of the purposes expressed in section 1 of article 573.

2. The penalty of ten to twenty years in prison will be imposed in the case of weapons, substances or nuclear, radiological, chemical or biological devices, or any other of similar destructive power.

3. Those who, for the same purposes indicated in section 1, develop chemical or biological weapons, or seize, possess, transport, provide to others or manipulate nuclear materials, elements, will also be punished with ten to twenty years in prison. radioactive or materials or equipment that produce ionizing radiation.

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art 574 cp

Article 574 of the Penal Code Spanish refers to prison sentences for crimes with chemical, biological, radioactive substances or explosive devices.