Article 570 ter of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Those who constitute, finance or integrate a criminal group will be punished:

a) If the purpose of the group is to commit crimes mentioned in section 3 of the previous article, with a penalty of two to four years in prison if it involves one or more serious crimes and one to three years in prison. if it is less serious crimes.

b) With the penalty of six months to two years in prison if the purpose of the group is to commit any other serious crime.

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c) With the penalty of three months to one year in prison when it comes to committing one or several less serious crimes not included in section a) or the repeated perpetration of minor crimes.

For the purposes of this Code, a criminal group is understood to be the union of more than two people who, without meeting one or more of the characteristics of the criminal organization defined in the previous article, have the purpose or object of the concerted perpetration of crimes.

2. The penalties provided for in the previous number will be imposed in the upper half when the group:

a) is made up of a large number of people.

b) has weapons or dangerous instruments.

c) have advanced technological means of communication or transport that, due to their characteristics, are especially suitable for facilitating the execution of crimes or impunity for the guilty parties.

If two or more of these circumstances concur, the higher grade penalties will be imposed.

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