Article 570 quater of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. The judges or courts, in the cases provided for in this Chapter and the following, will agree to the dissolution of the organization or group and, where appropriate, any other consequences of the articles 33.7 and 129 of this Code.

2. Likewise, those responsible for the conduct described in the two previous articles will be imposed, in addition to the penalties provided for therein, special disqualification for all economic activities or legal businesses related to the activity of the criminal organization or group or with their actions within them, for a period greater between six and twenty years than the duration of the prison sentence imposed in their case, proportionally taking into account the seriousness of the crime, the number of those committed and the circumstances. that concur in the offender.

In any case, when the conduct provided for in said articles is included in another provision of this Code, the provisions of rule 4 of the Code will apply. article 8.

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3. The provisions of this Chapter will be applicable to any criminal organization or group that carries out any criminally relevant act in Spain, even if they have been established, are established or carry out their activity abroad.

4. The judges or courts, reasoning in the sentence, may impose on the person responsible for any of the crimes provided for in this Chapter the lower penalty by one or two degrees, provided that the subject has voluntarily abandoned his criminal activities and has actively collaborated. with the authorities or their agents, either to obtain decisive evidence for the identification or capture of other perpetrators or to prevent the actions or development of the organizations or groups to which they have belonged, or to prevent the perpetration of a crime that would involve commit within or through said organizations or groups.

art 570 quater cp