Article 551 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

Penalties higher in degree than those respectively provided for in the previous article will be imposed whenever the attack is committed:

  1. Making use of weapons or other dangerous objects.
  2. When the act of violence carried out is potentially dangerous for people's lives or can cause serious injuries. In particular, the cases of throwing blunt objects or flammable liquids, fire and the use of explosives are included.
  3. Attacking the authority, its agent or public official using a motor vehicle.
  4. When the events take place on the occasion of a riot, plant or collective incident inside a prison.

art 551 cp

Article 551 of the Penal Code Spanish speaks of the penalties related to attacks against authority.

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  • Penal Code
    • BOOK II: Crimes and their penalties
      • Title XXII: Offenses against public order