Article 468 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Those who violate their sentence, security measure, prison, precautionary measure, driving or custody will be punished with a prison sentence of six months to one year if they are deprived of liberty, and with a fine of twelve to twenty-four months. in other cases.

2. In all cases, a prison sentence of six months to one year will be imposed on those who violate a sentence contemplated in article 48 of this Code or a precautionary or security measure of the same nature imposed in criminal proceedings in the that the offended person is one of the people referred to in article 173.2, as well as those who violate the probation measure.

3. Those that disable or disrupt the normal functioning of the technical devices that had been arranged to control the compliance of sentences, security measures either precautionary measures, do not carry them with them or omit the required measures to maintain their correct operating condition, will be punished with a fine of six to twelve months.

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art 468 cp

Article 468 of Penal Code Spanish refers to crime of breach of sentence and establishes a prison sentence or fine for those who violate their sentence, as well as for those who disable the technical devices available for the control of precautionary measures or security measures. .