Article 451 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

Will be punished with imprisonment from six months to three years who, with knowledge of the commission of a crime and without having intervened in it as author or accomplice, intervenes after its execution, in any of the following ways:

1st Helping the perpetrators or accomplices so that they benefit from the profit, product or price of the crime, without their own profit motive.

2nd Concealing, altering or making useless the body, effects or instruments of a crime, to prevent their discovery.

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3rd Helping those presumed responsible for a crime to evade the investigation of the authority or its agents, or to evade their search or capture, provided that one of the following circumstances occurs:

a) That the concealed act constitutes treason, homicide of the King or Queen or any of their ancestors or descendants, of the Queen consort or of the Queen's consort, of the Regent or of any member of the Regency, or of the Prince or Princess of Asturias, genocide, crime against humanity, crime against people and property protected in case of armed conflict, rebellion, terrorism, homicide, piracy, trafficking in human beings or illegal organ trafficking.

b) That the favoror has acted with abuse of public functions. In this case, in addition to the penalty of deprivation of liberty, special disqualification for employment or public office for a period of two to four years will be imposed if the concealed crime is less serious, and absolute disqualification for a period of six to twelve years. years if it were serious.

art 451 cp

Article 451 of the Penal Code Spanish refers to crime against the Administration of Justice of cover-up and collusion.