Article 436 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

The authority or public official who, intervening by reason of his position in any of the acts of the modalities of public contracting or in liquidations of public effects or assets, enters into an agreement with the interested parties or uses any other device to defraud any public entity. , will incur prison sentences of two to six years and special disqualification for employment or public office and for the exercise of the right to passive suffrage for a period of six to ten years. The individual who has entered into an agreement with the authority or public official will be imposed the same prison sentence as them, as well as disqualification from obtaining public subsidies and aid, to contract with entities, organizations or entities that are part of the public sector. and to enjoy tax and Social Security benefits or incentives for a period of two to seven years.

art 436 cp

Article 436 of Penal Code Spanish refers to the penalties for fraud to any public entity by a public authority or official.

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  • Penal Code
    • BOOK II: Crimes and their penalties
      • Title XIX: Offenses against the Public Administration