Article 424 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. The individual who offers or delivers a gift or remuneration of any other kind to an authority, public official or person who participates in the exercise of public function to carry out an act contrary to the duties inherent to his position or an act of his own. his position, so that he does not carry out or delays what he should practice, or in consideration of his position or function, he will be punished in his respective cases, with the same prison sentences and fines as the corrupt authority, official or person.

2. When an individual delivers the gift or remuneration in response to the request of the authority, public official or person participating in the exercise of public function, the same prison sentences and fines that apply to them will be imposed.

3. If the achieved or intended action of the authority or official is related to a contracting, subsidy or auction procedure called by Administrations or public entities, it will be imposed on the individual and, where appropriate, on the company, association or organization that represents the penalty of disqualification to obtain public subsidies and aid, to contract with entities, organizations or entities that are part of the public sector and to enjoy tax and Social Security benefits or incentives for a period of five to ten years .

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art 424 cp

Article 424 of Penal Code Spanish is regulated in the chapter on bribery and refers to the punishment that corresponds to the private offerer of remuneration to public office for the exercise of his or her acts.