Article 390 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. The authority or public official who, in the exercise of his functions, commits falsehood, will be punished with prison sentences of three to six years, a fine of six to twenty-four months and special disqualification for a period of two to six years:

1st Altering a document in any of its essential elements or requirements.

2nd Simulating a document in whole or in part, so as to mislead as to its authenticity.

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3rd Assuming in an act the intervention of people who have not had it, or attributing to those who have intervened in it statements or manifestations different from those that they would have made.

4.º Lacking the truth in the narration of the facts.

2. The person responsible for any religious confession that incurs in any of the behaviors described in the previous numbers, with respect to acts and documents that may have an effect on the state of persons or in civil order.

art 390 cp

Article 390 of the Penal Code Spanish regulates the crime of documentary forgery and establishes the penalties for authority or public official for the falsification of public, official and commercial documents and dispatches transmitted by telecommunication services.