Article 362 ter of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

Whoever prepares any false document or document with mendacious content referring to any of the medicines, active substances, excipients, medical devices, accessories, elements or materials referred to in section 1 of article 362, including their packaging, labeling and method of use , to commit or facilitate the commission of one of the crimes of article 362, will be punished with a penalty of six months to two years in prison, a fine of six to twelve months and special disqualification for profession or trade of six months to two years.

art 362 ter cp

Article 362 ter of the Penal Code Spanish refers to the crimes against public health that represent the preparation of false documents referring to medications and the crimes of article 362.

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Article 362 ter of the Penal Code is part of the chapter dedicated to Crimes against public health: