Article 362 quinquies of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Those who, without therapeutic justification, prescribe, provide, dispense, supply, administer, offer or facilitate non-competitive federated athletes, non-federated athletes who practice sport for recreation, or athletes who participate in competitions organized in Spain by sports entities. , prohibited substances or pharmacological groups, as well as non-regulatory methods, intended to increase physical capabilities or modify the results of competitions, which due to their content, repetition of intake or other concurrent circumstances, endanger the life or health of They will be punished with prison sentences of six months to two years, a fine of six to eighteen months and special disqualification for employment or public office, profession or trade, of two to five years.

2. The penalties provided for in the previous section in its upper half will be imposed when the crime is perpetrated under any of the following circumstances:

1. That the victim is a minor.

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2. That deception or intimidation has been used.

3. That the person responsible has taken advantage of a relationship of labor or professional superiority.

art 362 quinquies cp