Article 31 ter of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. The criminal liability of legal persons will be enforceable provided that the commission of a crime that had to have been committed by whoever holds the positions or functions referred to in the previous article is verified, even when the specific Physical person responsible has not been individualized or it has not been possible to direct the procedure against it. When, as a consequence of the same facts, a fine is imposed on both, the judges or courts will modulate the respective amounts, so that the resulting sum is not disproportionate in relation to the seriousness of those.

2. The concurrence, in the persons who have materially carried out the acts or in those who would have made them possible by not having exercised due control, of circumstances that affect the guilt of the accused or aggravate their responsibility, or the fact that said persons have died or have escaped from the action of justice, will not exclude or modify the criminal responsibility of legal persons, without damage what is provided in the following article.

art 31 ter cp

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Article 31 ter establishes the cases in which it will be enforceable Criminal liability of legal persons for the commission of a crime.