Article 286 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Anyone who, without the consent of the service provider and for commercial purposes, facilitates intelligible access to a sound or television broadcasting service, will be punished with prison sentences of six months to two years and a fine of six to 24 months. interactive services provided remotely by electronic means, or provide conditional access to them, considered as an independent service, through:

  1. The manufacture, import, distribution, making available electronically, sale, rental, or possession of any computer equipment or program, not authorized in another Member State of the European Union, designed or adapted to make such access possible.
  2. The installation, maintenance or replacement of the computer equipment or programs mentioned in paragraph 1.

2. Anyone who, for profit, alters or duplicates the identification number of telecommunications equipment, or markets equipment that has been fraudulently altered, will be punished with the same penalty.

3. Whoever, without profit, provides third parties with the access described in section 1, or through a public communication, commercial or not, provides information to a plurality of people on how to obtain unauthorized access to a service or the use of a device or program, of those expressed in that same section 1, inciting to achieve them, the penalty of fine provided therein will be imposed.

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4. Anyone who uses equipment or programs that allow unauthorized access to conditional access services or telecommunications equipment will be subject to the penalty provided for in the article 255 of this Code regardless of the amount of the fraud.

art 286 cp