Article 264 bis of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Anyone who, without being authorized and in a serious manner, hinders or interrupts the operation of another's computer system will be punished with a prison sentence of six months to three years:

a) carrying out any of the behaviors referred to in the previous article;

b) entering or transmitting data; either

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c) destroying, damaging, disabling, eliminating or replacing a computer, telematic or electronic information storage system.

If the events have significantly harmed the normal activity of a company, business or public administration, the penalty will be imposed in its upper half, with the possibility of reaching a higher penalty in degree.

2. A prison sentence of three to eight years and a fine of three to ten times the amount will be imposed. damage caused, when in the events referred to in the previous section any of the circumstances of section 2 of the previous article had occurred.

3. The penalties provided for in the previous sections will be imposed, in their respective cases, in their upper half, when the acts have been committed through the illicit use of another person's personal data to facilitate access to the computer system or to gain trust. from a third party.

art 264 bis cp

Article 264 bis of the Penal Code Spanish regulates the crime of damage. Specifically, it refers to the obstruction of a computer system and its corresponding penalty, also in the case of the illicit use of another person's personal data for this purpose.