Article 263 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Anyone who causes damage to another's property not included in other titles of this Code will be punished with a fine of six to twenty-four months, taking into account the economic condition of the victim and the amount of damage.

If the amount of damage caused does not exceed 400 euros, a fine of one to three months will be imposed.

2. Anyone who causes damage expressed in the previous section will be punished with a prison sentence of one to three years and a fine of twelve to twenty-four months, if any of the following cases occur:

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1. That they are carried out to prevent the free exercise of authority or as a consequence of actions carried out in the exercise of their functions, whether the crime is committed against public officials or against individuals who, as witnesses or in any other way, have contributed or may contribute to the execution or application of the Laws or general provisions.

2. That it is caused by any means, infection or contagion of livestock.

3. That poisonous or corrosive substances are used.

4. That they affect property of public or communal domain or use.

5. That the injured party is ruined or placed in a serious economic situation.

6. Especially serious damage has been caused or general interests have been affected.

art 263 cp

Article 263 of Penal Code Spanish refers to crime of damage. As a general rule, this crime punishes damage caused to other people's property with a fine of 6 to 24 months, depending on the economic condition of the victim and the amount of damage.