Article 251 bis of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

When in accordance with the provisions of the article 31 bis a legal person is responsible for the crimes included in this Section, the following penalties will be imposed:

a) A fine of three to five times the amount defrauded, if the crime committed by the Physical person He is scheduled to be sentenced to imprisonment for more than five years.

b) Fine of double to quadruple the amount defrauded, in the rest of the cases.

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Following the rules established in the article 66 bis, judges and courts may also impose the penalties set forth in letters b) to g) of section 7 of the article 33.

art 251 bis cp

Article 251 bis refers to the penalties corresponding to fraud crimes committed by legal entities.

Article 251 bis of the Penal Code is part of the title dedicated to the crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order: