Article 25 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

For the purposes of this Code, disability is understood to be the situation in which a person is found with permanent physical, mental, intellectual or sensory deficiencies that, when interacting with various barriers, may limit or prevent their full and effective participation in society. , on equal terms with the others.

Likewise, for the purposes of this Code, a person with a disability in need of special protection will be understood to be a person with a disability who, whether or not their capacity to act has been judicially modified, requires assistance or support for the exercise of their legal capacity and for the making decisions regarding their person, their rights or interests due to their permanent intellectual or mental deficiencies.

art 25 cp

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Article 25 of Penal Code Spanish is responsible for giving a definition that is valid for the purposes of this Code for the term of disability and person with disabilities.