Article 248 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Fraud is committed by those who, for profit, use deceit enough to produce an error in another, inducing him to carry out an act of disposition in damage own or someone else's

2. The following are also considered guilty of fraud:

a) Those who, for profit and using some computer manipulation or similar artifice, achieve a non-consensual transfer of any patrimonial asset to the detriment of another.

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b) Those who manufacture, introduce, possess or facilitate computer programs specifically intended for the commission of the scams provided for in this article.

c) Those who, using credit or debit cards, or traveler's checks, or the data contained in any of them, carry out operations of any kind to the detriment of their owner or a third party.

art 248 cp

Article 248 of the Penal Code Spanish explains in which cases the crime is committed Crime of fraud.

Article 248 of the Penal Code is part of the title dedicated to crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order: