Article 245 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Whoever, with violence or intimidation of people, occupies an immovable property or usurps a real property right belonging to another, will be imposed, in addition to the penalties incurred for the violence exerted, a prison sentence of one to two years. , which will be set taking into account the utility obtained and the damage caused.

2. Whoever occupies, without due authorization, a foreign property, dwelling or building that does not constitute dwelling, or remains in them against the will of its owner, will be punished with a fine of three to six months.

art 245 cp

Article 245 refers to the crime of usurpation housing, as well as the assumption of occupation of someone else's home. The penalty of a fine that both receive is also mentioned. crimes.

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Article 245 of the Penal Code is part of the title dedicated to the crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order:

  • Penal Code
    • BOOK II: Crimes and their penalties
      • Title XIII: Crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order