Article 234 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Whoever, for profit, takes the movable property of others without the will of its owner will be punished, as convict of theft, with a prison sentence of six to eighteen months if the amount stolen exceeds 400 euros.

2. A fine of one to three months will be imposed if the amount stolen does not exceed 400 euros, unless any of the circumstances of the article 235.

3. The penalties established in the previous sections will be imposed in their upper half when in the commission of the act the alarm or security devices installed on the stolen things have been neutralized, eliminated or rendered useless, by any means.

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art 234 cp

Article 234 of Penal Code Spanish refers to theft, as well as the punishment that is reflected in this way. This penalty will depend on the value of what was stolen, with the limit being 400 euros.