Article 215 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. No one will be punished for slander either insult but by virtue of complaint of the person offended by the crime or his legal representative. It will proceed ex officio when the offense is directed against a public official, authority or agent thereof regarding facts concerning the exercise of their positions.

2. No one may file an action for slander or slander filed in court without prior permission from the Judge or Court that knows or has known about it.

3. The forgiveness of the offended person extinguishes the criminal action, without damage of the provisions in the article 130.1.5.º, second paragraph of this Code.

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art 215 cp

Article 215 of Penal Code Spanish refers to the need for a complaint of the offended person to punish the crimes of insults and slander.

Following the update published on 06/05/2021 that enters into force on 06/25/2021, section 3 is modified by final provision 6.27 of Organic Law 8/2021, of June 4. Previously, he said the following:

3. The forgiveness of the offended party or his legal representative, if applicable, extinguishes the criminal action without prejudice to the provisions of the second paragraph of number 5 of section 1 of article 130 of this Code.

Article 215.3 – Modified with effect from 06/25/2021