Article 210 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

He accused of insult will be exempt from liability by proving the truth of the accusations when they are directed against public officials regarding facts concerning the exercise of their positions or referred to the commission of administrative infractions.

art 210 cp

Article 210 of the Penal Code Spanish establishes the cases in which the defendant for a crime of insult can be exempt from criminal liability.

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These cases allude to situations in which the dignity of the person on whom the injuries fall is weighed in a balance, and the public interest of the prosecution.

At an initial moment, without the veracity of the injurious information having been proven yet, the public official will want his dignity to be defended. Nevertheless, if the action you are accused of turns out to be true, as it is an unlawful action that concerns public order, The general interest will prevail and the person who committed the injury will be exempt from guilt..