Article 21 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

Extenuating circumstances are:

1. The causes expressed in the previous chapter, when all the necessary requirements to exempt from liability in their respective cases are not met.

2. That of the guilty party acting due to his serious addiction to the substances mentioned in number 2 of the previous article.

3. That of acting due to causes or stimuli so powerful that they have produced an outburst, obstinacy or another passionate state of similar magnitude.

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4. That of the guilty party having proceeded, before knowing that the judicial procedure was directed against him, to confess the infraction to the authorities.

5. The fact that the guilty party has proceeded to repair the damage caused to the victim, or reduce its effects, at any time during the procedure and prior to the celebration of the act of the oral trial.

6. Extraordinary and undue delay in the processing of the procedure, provided that it is not attributable to the accused himself and is not proportionate to the complexity of the case.

7. Any other circumstance of analogous significance to the previous ones.

art 21 cp

Article 21 of Penal Code Spanish refers to the circumstances mitigating of the criminal liability:

  1. Incomplete exculpatory causes.
  2. Serious addiction to alcoholic beverages, drugs or others that produce similar effects.
  3. The outburst, stubbornness or similar passionate state.
  4. Confession or repentance.
  5. Repair of the damage caused.
  6. Undue delays.
  7. Other similar circumstances.
  • Penal Code
    • BOOK I: General provisions on the crimes, responsible people, penalties, security measures and other consequences of the criminal offense
      • Title I: Criminal offense
        • Chapter III: Of the circumstances that mitigate criminal responsibility
          • Article 21
        • Chapter IV: Of the circumstances that aggravate criminal responsibility
        • Chapter V: Of the mixed circumstance of kinship