Article 187 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Anyone who, using violence, intimidation or deception, or abusing a situation of superiority or need or vulnerability of the victim, determines a person of legal age to practice or remain in prostitution, will be punished with prison sentences. from two to five years and a fine of twelve to twenty-four months.

A prison sentence of two to four years and a fine of twelve to twenty-four months will be imposed on anyone who profits from exploiting the prostitution of another person, even with that person's consent. In any case, it will be understood that there is exploitation when any of the following circumstances occur:

a) That the victim is in a situation of personal or economic vulnerability.

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b) That burdensome, disproportionate or abusive conditions are imposed for its exercise.

2. The penalties provided for in the previous sections in their upper half will be imposed, in their respective cases, when any of the following circumstances occur:

a) When the guilty party has taken advantage of his or her status as an authority, its agent or public official. In this case, the penalty of absolute disqualification of six to twelve years will also be applied.

b) When the guilty party belongs to a criminal organization or group that is dedicated to carrying out such activities.

c) When the guilty party has endangered, intentionally or through serious recklessness, the life or health of the victim.

3. The indicated penalties will be imposed in their respective cases without damage of those that correspond to the sexual assaults or abuses committed on the prostituted person.

art 187 cp

Article 187 of Penal Code Spanish refers to the penalties with which the crimes relating to the prostitution and sexual exploitation of another person, even if there is consent on their part.