Article 18 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

1. Provocation exists when the commission of a crime is directly incited through printing, radio broadcasting or any other means of similar effectiveness that facilitates publicity, or in the presence of a crowd of people.

An apology, for the purposes of this Code, is the exposition, before a gathering of people or by any means of dissemination, of ideas or doctrines that exalt the crime or exalt its author. The apology will only be criminal as a form of provocation and if, due to its nature and circumstances, it constitutes a direct incitement to commit a crime.

2. Provocation will be punished exclusively in cases where the Law so provides.

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If the provocation has been followed by the perpetration of the crime, it will be punished as inducement.

art 18 cp

Article 18 of Penal Code Spanish is found in the chapter that deals with the crimes. This article talks about the provocation as a way of inciting someone to commit a crime.

Article 18 of Penal Code It is found within Title I of Book I. More specifically in Chapter I, related to crimes.